Mt Jefferson, W Rib or Whitewater Glacier

I will go for a "hike" and check out the W Rib this week. I suspect conditions are just right but ...

Regardless of the route we climb, the gear will be the same. You can check them out below:

W Rib TR

W Rib TR #2
You'll see that some snow is good, too much snow not good.

Whitewater route discription

I'm going to "hike" the area one day this week t0 see if the W rib is in shape and keep people posted. If it is, we'll go that way. It looks like we may need a fixed line on the Rib and a fixed line on the summit. If its too sporty, we'll stick to the Whitewater. As I've mentioned, this one of the few oregon routes that I really want to climb so we'll hope for the best.

Here's the rest of shtuff you guys will need:

Nutrion: two dinners, two breakfasts (one that doesn't require cooking) two lunches and lots of snacks. Warm drinks are great moral boosters. Capacity to carry three liters of water. Food for back at the car.

Camping: headlamp, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, sturdy tent, stove w/ extra fuel and one emergency blanket for every three people. (we'll bring two and someone can carry one of them up) We may be camping on snow so we'll need 2-4 shovels) Bring em if you have em and we'll sort it out at the TH.

Navigation: a few compass's, we'll bring a few maps and GPS. We'll also bring a SPOT locator.

Climbing: Boots, gaiters, harness, helmet, headlamp, trekking poles, crampons, ice axe, two lockers, two non-lockers, prussiks, belay device and sense of adventure!

Clothing insulating layers, top and bottom. Wind gear, warm jacket and baselayers. Two pairs of socks. Warm hat and gloves.

Other goodies: summit treats, snickers bars. Camera, sun block, sunglasses, chapstick and very likely, snowshoes. I'll let you know after I do my recon. Sit pads can be nice if we end up camping on snow. Bandana is good for sun protection and snot rag and wiping moisture from tent.

Team Gear: two ropes, four pickets radios. We have one (I broke the other) so if somebody could let me know and bring one as well if they have it.

The plan is this:

Friday 25 100pm meet at motor pool (leave by 1:15)
215pm arrive at TH (3000') ish
630pm arrive at camp (7000') ish
Sat 26 400am depart camp
1030am summit (10,497)
230pm back at camp
Sun 27 hike 0ut and grab pizza at Giovanni's

This is the itenerary for the W rib, it'll change if we do the Whitewater but we'll have to wait and see. We'll leave town at the same time either way and we'll get back at the same time: early afternoon on sunday. If all goes well, we may be tempted to hike out saturday evening but don't count on it.

As many of you know, I don't climb to get to the summit, I climb to have fun. If all you care about is reaching the summit, this may not be the climb for you. Maybe you should wait for a S Ridge in September. This will be fun and we will be safe, or we'll turn back.

I know it feels like Junetober but it looks like the weather will cooperate!

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