N and M Sister Combo

Alright troops, looks like the weather is all clear. The trip is a go. We are gonna meet at 100pm on Friday 16th at the State Motor Pool in Salem.


We will leave at 1:15. I'll bring the team gear, you guys bring your personal stuff which will include:

Nutrition: Two dinners, two lunches and two breakfasts w/ lots of snacks. One breakfast should be a no cook breakfast. Capacity for carrying three liters of water. We'll find water.

Climbing: Boots, gaiters, crampons, ice axe, harness, prussiks, two lockers, two non lockers, helmet and trekking poles are recommended. Headlamp.

Clothing: Looks like its gonna be warm but they are still mtns. Wind/rain gear, insulating layers, gloves and hat, extra socks.

Camping: Tent, stove, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, bring shovels if you have them, there's a slight chance we'll be camping on snow. Emergency blanket and water filter. Blue Bags

Other stuff: chapstick, camera, compass, map, sun screen, sunglasses, sun hat, headlamp, bandana. First Aid, blister care, medication.

We will arrive at the Pole Creek TH at 3:30 pm
We will arrive at camp by 700 pm on Friday. (6500'-7000')

Saturday 300 am depart camp
Saturday 800 summit N Sister
Saturday 1200 summit M Sister
Back to camp late afternoon.
Hike out sunday am

We will leave the trailhead (5300) and hike till 6400' where we'll go cross country and leave the Timberline. Ideally we'd camp at 7000' but we'll have to see where the snow stops.

We'll gain the Hayden Glacier in the morning and reach the col between N and M sister. We'll head up the S ridge of the N sister and head toward the bowling alley and the Terrible Travers. These two sections will take two hours on their own, the hiking will take about two and a half hours. We'll then head back to the saddle and go up the N Ridge of the Middle Sister. There wont likely be any rope work on this section.

This is gonna be a fun trip and with some good fortune and good decision making, Amy and Mike McHugh will have reached all 18 of the Award NW Peaks.

My computer is really slow right now so you're gonna have to research these routes on your own via summit post or cascadeclimbers.com

I'll be driving the Limo and we'll have room for 6 if we pack tight.

See you guys, call w/ questions!

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